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The VIA team is pleased to announce a new release of VIA.

New UI

3D Mode

Olivia, Binary Artisan and queen of rose gold, has refactored the entire UI engine to deliver keyboard configuration in glorious 3D.


2D Mode

Such is Olivia's benevolence, she has also blessed the potato-users who dwell among us with a new 2D mode that is as attractive as it is performant.



You can now choose a visual theme to suit your unique aesthetic. More themes to follow!

Better macro support

Macro recording

Just as a treat, Olivia has implemented a new macro recording feature that records what you type.

Macro recording


Now you can add delays to macros. Either choose "record delays" when recording a macro, or insert using the script editor.

Note: using delays in macros requires compatible firmware. You may need to install the latest firmware on your keyboard to use this feature.

Visualise your macro memory

A handy indicator now actually tells you how much of your macro memory you're consuming.

Beep boops

One of the unfortunate side-effects of porting VIA to the web was the heart-breaking loss of sounds in the key tester.

No longer will your key testing be a silent, joyless experience. We've recovered the beeps and we've embiggened the boops. Why buy a heavy, expensive vintage Moog when you can just fire up VIA and use your marginally lighter and marginally cheaper custom keyboard instead?

Beep boop


Persistent draft definitions

Draft definitions loaded using the design tab now persist across sessions, so you no longer need to load your draft definition every time you hit the site while developing your new keyboard.

V3 Definitions

V3 VIA definitions give designers the flexibility to create a custom UI to control their keyboard's custom features.

See the full list of V3 definition changes


We have a new Discord server!